『The Data Doesn't Lie』

.-.Sweet Poison That Scorches Skin.-.

13 July 1986
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Personal: http://suthrnbellechan.livejournal.com
Professional: http://belle_official.livejournal.com
Japanese(rare updates): http://blog.livedoor.jp/belle_cullen/

♣ I'm a fan of fashion, music, video games, comic books.
♣ I won't put up with drama.
♣ I'm one of the boys, but still a lady.
♣ I absolutely will not tolerate liars, cheaters, and users.
♣ I'm one of the most dedicated best friends, and would do anything for those I love.
♣ I love my body exactly the way it is.
♣ Ask me anything and you will get a 100% honest answer.
♣ When I love, I love completely. For better or worse.
♣ I love all my flaws, becuase they're what makes up me.
♣ I'm a "Prime Fuckin' Catch" (Thanks Costa! ^^)
♣ I am the spice of life.